Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Poison

This closeness I feel…

It’s not real anymore.

You’re gone, for good, and yet,

I still feel you in my core.

You used me and abused me,

But only now I’ve been able to see

That I was a tool in your hands:

The accomplice of my own misery.

Your words run around in my head:

Your sweet addictive lies.

You made me dependent

Of what was killing me inside.

But now, you’re not here.

But your poison keeps working…

How will I ever be happy,

If you’re what I can’t stop craving?

Simple solutions all around,

And yet, only the hardest one I see.

I hope you’re satisfied,

With what you’ve done to me.

I was just a stepping stone,

In your path of destruction.

I will always be a slave

Of your fatal seduction.

Take me, leave me,

Save me, kill me.

Just don’t stop your poison

From consuming me.

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