Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Dark Road Ahead.

Running down on the dark road was our car, silenced by the recent events and confessions. The music flowed from the speakers, breaking the silence around us, but not the one between us.
"Why are you doing this?" she said, gripping the driving wheel stronger than necessary. "I'm not doing anything." I said, even though I knew I was. The thoughts ran through my mind, racing fast and furiously across the last few months.
We were so perfect, so happy.
"This is the best. For me. For you. For us." I said. "Or maybe just for me." I thought, as the tears started forming in her eyes.
She looked down,closing her eyes longer than usual.
Before, the only tears she drew were tears of joy. But I doubted that was the case now.
She was crying.
Then she was shouting.
Then I was shouting.
Our voices mixed with the music, questions being asked, solutions being created, even though we didn't remember the questions.
The car pressed faster through the night. The moon shined over us in the empty road.
Up ahead there was a curve.
She made no indications of slowing.

Based on "The Approaching Curve" by Rise Against.

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