Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Unsung Hero

Deep inside these dark buildings

Voices die to be heard

They tell the tales of unsung heroes

Stories that we’ve never learned.

The green fields that covered my heart

Where pain couldn’t reach my head

Disappeared under the black rain

Hurting worst than metal and lead

That color that once made me happy

Now makes me suffer and pain

Those eyes that used to heal my scars

Now make me go insane

The true heroes don’t have glory

They have pain and tears

These were the ones that gave you all

But now you want them to disappear

You captivate our weakened souls

And force our minds to move

If these walls could speak, I’d beg

That they would tell me what to do

Heroes aren’t the ones with powers

They’re the ones that endure pain

I’m done with you torturing me

So I’ll free myself of this chain

Based on "Drones" by Rise Against

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x Inês ( ? ) said...

Adorei João , está excelente mesmo . Mas tenho saudades de te ler em português : x