Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not Like the Rest

I can't take this anymore
You've crossed the line.
But I kept coming back for more,
Like you hurting me was fine.

But it isn't!
And will never be!
This vicious circle will continue
Until you see...

That I'm not like the rest.
How long will it take for you to see?
That i'll love you until
My last breath comes out of me.

I'm not the best.
I'm not cool.
All I am is myself:
A loving fool.

You're the missing piece
In this puzzle called "my life".
My heart can't keep dancing for you
on the tip of the knife.

No more hiding what I'm feeling,
I'll scream to the world that I'm right here!
I'll take the biggest risk in my life.
There is no more time to fear.

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x Inês ( ? ) said...

Em inglês , em português , há arte em cada palavra que escreves x)