Thursday, October 2, 2008

He and She

“Why? Why are you doing this to me?” She said, crying, while looking at him. “After all this time… After all we went through!!” She fell to the ground, in pain, as the memories of the last two years passed through her head.

“Believe me, this is the best for everyone.” He said with his loud, yet soft voice. He knew that that relationship was going nowhere. The flame was gone. At least, so he thought …

“But I still love you!!” She shouted, while trying to get up to her feet. “Why? WHY?? What have I done to cause such thing?”

“It’s not your fault…” He said, trying to organize the mess that was going around his head. “I never thought this would ever happen, but this just shows how dumb I am…” He said, while looking at the floor. He didn’t have the guts to look to her, let alone her face. That face, the one that propelled him to Heaven… And now, that threw him to the deepest side of Hell.

“But there has to be a reason! Tell me! Is it because you think I’m ugly? Or do you think I don’t care about you enough?” She said, closing the gap between them. So close, yet so far…

“No…” He whispered. Then he gathered all the courage that he had within him and looked into her eyes. She felt the tension flowing in his eyes. She knew, the next thing he would say, would come straight from his heart. “This is it.” She thought.

“The reason is…” He stared, but suddenly, something made him stop. She grabbed his hands, in hope that all of that would vanish. But he continued and he spoke those faithful words. “… I don’t love you anymore.”

She felt like someone punched her in the stomach. She fell forward, and he cached her in his strong arms. He hugged her close and whispered “I’m sorry…” He felt her warm body clutching against him. She didn’t want to break up that hug. But there was nothing that could be done to patch up that broken dream. The flame was gone, yet the memories remained…

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