Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Slave of Love

My body get’s numb
And my heart starts to feel pain
Just by seeing you come
Just by hearing your name

When you talk to me
I try to pretend I’m cool
But deep inside me
I feel like a fool

Fool, because of thinking
That, someday, you’ll notice me
Fool, because of believing
That, somehow, you’ll love me

But being so shy
Makes it hard to find
The words I want to tell you,
Because you are one of a kind

Just by looking at you
I feel like I’m about to faint
Because of your wonderful body
And your beautiful hair

I love you so much,
And this feeling is so hard to contain,
That I’m doomed to live my life
As your eternal slave

But my experience made me realize
That loving isn’t fair
Sometimes you lose her to someone
That doesn’t even care

And because of that I learned
That faith is earned with pain;
So don’t hate the player,
Hate the game.

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